Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Proven Formula to Produce Sales Multiplying Video

The world's oldest profession... nope, not that one (if you don't know, google it)... it is Sales.

Businesses sell. They exchange products and services in exchange for money. With that in mind, businesspeople figured out different ways to sell. They sold face to face, from home, opened an office or store...

...then some bright spark figured out they could sell by letter, mail order... in print. It was salesmanship transferred to paper. The art and craft of selling written down and delivered to more people than any physical shop and sales person could attend to in a year.

The “How To Write a Great Video Sales Letter Script” Formula

It was inevitable for a businessperson to take salesmanship to television. Now we have channels dedicated to selling. And infomercials filling airtime.

TV is a very powerful medium. It gets more senses involved. And when the done right, it sells.

For this reason, businesses aspire to sell with video. But it was expensive... to produce and distribute. Until now. Because today, we have the internet. We can gather the information and sales techniques we need, affordably create a video, and upload it to our websites.

The hardest part of the equation is the sales technique. So, to help you here is The “How To Write a Great Video Sales Letter Script” Formula by Jim Edwards.

He shares 10 parts to selling in videos. Use as many of these parts to create a powerful sales video.

Click the link above to get the video sales formula.

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