Wednesday, 15 June 2016

How Small Businesses Squander Marketing Money

Remember when you first had that business idea. It all seemed so simple. You knew what you needed. And imagined the outcome.

You felt it was achievable.

Then, at some point, you questioned how you would let people know about the business and get them to come to you.

We've all been there. We obviously turn to people we know to help us spread the word. But that only goes so far. So we figure we have to promote the business...

8 Common Ways Small Businesses Waste Money Marketing

There are a few forms of media that frequently pop up. Although, these media types are often the wrong ones or used incorrectly.

When you've seen many businesses start and fail you'll notice patterns. ways to squander money.

Brian Sutter has observed 8 Common Ways Small Businesses Waste Money Marketing. He has published them on to help people like you not make the same mistakes.

So why not jump over there now to see the waste and stop it in your business? Just click the link above to get there.

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