Monday, 13 June 2016

Future of Email Marketing In 2016

Ladies, 'Show a little leg - just don't forget to shave them'.

An email targeting a shoe store's female customers caused up-raw from one recipient. Got multimedia attention. And became a talking point.

Everyone had an opinion, from outrage to accusing the complaining recipient as uptight...

...all from one seasonal email.

A cheeky email. It may not have produced huge leaps in revenue on its own. It may not know with all the exposure. However, more people are aware of the brand and their summer collection. So who knows.

top 10 epic email marketing predictions for 2016

The point is... email marketing is big. It brings in loyal customers, for little money. And it generates the cash. That's why businesses invest in capturing customer information and keep in contact with them.

Over the years, email marketing has changed. For the better. It has made things simpler and increased effectiveness.

And the future's no different. There will be changes.

Some top email marketers have put forward their top 10 epic email marketing predictions for 2016.

Go to now to see the future of email marketing.

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