Thursday, 5 May 2016

Why Wealthy Entrepreneurs Spend Many Hours Thinking

'Nose to the grindstone!'

Driven people plan to be productive.... to crank out work. They believe in putting in the hours. Burning the midnight oil.

'Stick a pot of coffee on, it's going to be a long night.'

Yet, in reality, the picture is a lot different. For most, anyway. Some do work all the hours under the sun. Sacrifice time spent with family and friends... the long run, they go a bit doolally. They need a break just to rescue their health.

Why Successful People Spend 10 Hours a Week Just Thinking.

The truth is they plan. Plan to work hard but end up procrastinating and dreaming.

Many very successful people have recognised this human trait and taken advantage of it.

They take the time to think, reflect, and absorb information. Then they are productive for a short period of time.

Generally, reality shows employees are only productive for 4 hours per day. Time management studies prove this again and again. The staff turn up for 8 to 12 hours but only put in around 4 hours of work...

...So why would we be any different?

I plan 4 hours of productive work per day. Other tasks are mundane. They do not take a great deal of brain power or time.

The rest of the day I am thinking, learning and strategising.

Every day I walk my dogs and think. While driving, I'm thinking. In the gym, I'm thinking. And I plan tomorrow before bed. has published an article by Brian Scudamore. He explains Why Successful People Spend 10 Hours a Week Just Thinking.

Head over there now to see the article showing how successful entrepreneurs spend their time. And a step by step system you can use to get thinking and get more done in less time. Just click the link above.

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