Thursday, 26 May 2016

Transitional Words & Phrases to Move Prospects to Customers

Have you ever had a feeling and not been able to express it?

The feeling takes on many angles... all at once. And I used to find it hard to hold them all together. Consequently, the bright idea I had fell apart.

I needed a way to connect the dots.

226 Transitional Words and Phrases Every Writer Should Know

To begin with, I discovered sales letters. Once I understood the importance of direct response marketing, the message, and the way top marketers have been selling for a century, I studied there work...

...and as a consequence, I noticed common words and phrases linking one piece of the idea to the next. Effectively, they were moving the reader to the sale.

As a result, it is hard to say no to an offer you've just heard a compelling argument for. And agreed with.

Secondly, I absorbed the teachings of top sales trainers. Similarly, They used many of the same techniques...

...Copywriting is salesmanship in print. To put it briefly, we have to know how to sell to be successful. We have to be able to deliver a compelling and convincing sales message verbally and in print by linking the parts with transitional words and phrases.

Take a look at or listen to this podcast 226 Transitional Words and Phrases Every Writer Should Know to get a better understanding. And download the words and phrases for future reference and use.

Start adding them into your communication for greater impact and sales.

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