Monday, 30 May 2016

Start New Venture Without Money... And Keep Profits

The power of NEW. As a car advert suggests... new is plastered on everything.

Can it be overused?

New gets attention. New sells. There are always people attracted to something new. We call them early adopters. They quickly understand the benefit and do not debate. They don't wait or need social proof.

These are the consumers we need when launching a new product or service.

However, in the past, we needed to develop the thing, produce it and then sell it. That was a problem because often we didn't have the cash to get there. We had to find and convince investors, and giveaway some of the business.

It was hard work taking an idea out of a dream and into reality.

DIY Crowdfunding: $100k in a Month Without Kickstarter

On the other hand, some industries operate differently. Some sell before the product is made. For example, property developers sell off-plan. In the same way, we can sell our concept products and services.

That's why crowdfunding came into existence. They attract new businesses and early adopters. They are everything new.

I'd never really thought about crowdfunding sites properly. I didn't understand what people were getting. It wasn't until Theo Paphitis said you can start a business with an idea and other people's money without giving away any of the business.

Crowdfunders are buying the product or service and not the business. They are buying off-plan!

Using one of these sites to sell seems like a good idea. However, they charge for the service. And they do not attract all the potential customers you might need to generate the funds.

So why not do it yourself?

In this article - DIY Crowdfunding: $100k in a Month Without Kickstarter, you can see the DIY approach and takeaway the tools you need too.

The believed way of doing things is just that... a belief. There's no reason why you cannot kick-start your new crowdfunded business without losing profit.

Take a look at the article now to build a new business by selling before it's done.

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