Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Psychological Biases that Mess-Up Every Business Opportunity

A salesman turns up for an appointment. He's well prepared. Has all the information. And can prove why his product is best...

...Logically, his product is right for the customer. It ticks all the technical boxes. It will do the job and serve the customer well. And the price is reasonable. However...

...The salesman doesn't make the sale.


58 cognitive biases that screw-up everything we do

Simply because we are not logical beings. As top sales trainer, Tom Hopkins, explains; logic is like a gun without a trigger. You can do everything with the gun, load it, cock it back, but you can not fire it.

The trigger is emotion.

We are irrational. We do all sorts of crazy shit. And try to logically explain reasons why.

We know hundreds of psychological biases. And tap into many of them to help our customers and for our gain.

Here are 58 Cognitive Biases that Screw-Up Everything We Do. Take a look at them. Learn them. Avoid them where you can. And deploy them where necessary.

Learn now to be better. Go on, click the link ;-)

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