Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Messaging Marketing Technique to Improve Strategy

Interacting with consumers in the best way possible. Getting a response; an open, a click, a view, and moving them towards our desired result.

Ultimately, that is what every business needs to generate money.

Many bricks and mortar businesses are opening shop and hoping people walk in. They do not communicate with their customers or potential customers. While other smarter business owners are exploiting digital technology to promote and interact with people.

Email marketing is one of the biggest and most successful options. Yet, now more and more businesses are sending emails our inbox is jammed. Emails are not being opened... may have an amazing offer or story or something to pull in the punters but they are being overwhelmed and miss your message. Don't despair because there are new kids in town.

Dominating Your WhatsApp Marketing Strategy

These digital messaging services drive bigger results. Top of the Apps is WhatsApp. Bought by Facebook because it has a phenomenal user database and installed on their phone with a phone number, it contains huge potential.

Not just for Facebook... for business too. We can message a customer or lead with tech they actively prefer to use.

Big businesses have jumped on it. They are driving more traffic, enhancing brand recognition, and best of all - Selling More!

I do have to warn you, there are limitations. WhatsApp is not built for business. There isn't a built-in analytics kit to help you. And broadcast lists are limited to 256 people.

The future does look bright for these type of communication services because your message is delivered and the response is high.

To see examples of businesses using this tech and develop a strategy of your own click this link - Dominating Your WhatsApp Marketing Strategy - and go to now.

Enjoy ;-)

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