Monday, 9 May 2016

Marketing Tool makes Responding Easier to Achieve Exceptional Customer Service

Not too long ago, we didn't speak to businesses. We didn't tell them what we were thinking when we thought it. If we wanted them to hear us we had to call; customer services, a helpline... so most didn't bother.

Then social media came along. Allowing people to express their opinions. They want to communicate with you. And they want to feel like you are listening.

Deliver Exceptionally Responsive Customer Support: Introducing Respond by Buffer

Your customers and fans are using the social media you market with. They choose to use that media as a way of connecting and contacting you over picking up the phone and calling or sending you an email.

They know you are on social media. Why would they go out of their way to find out how you prefer to be communicated with to express an emotion?

They don't. They feel it and express it on the media most convenient... without ever considering you.

For any business using multiple social media accounts, customer service becomes more difficult. We want to and need to respond to our customers and fans as promptly as possible. We desire their best experience with us.

Customer service is not just dousing flames anymore. It's both positive and negative interactions.

In the past, we spent more time dealing with and training customer service teams for negative communications. And we chased positive testimonials so we could flaunt them.

Today, we have to respond accordingly and swiftly with the communication technology they choose. So we need some tech to help us. Tech to stop us from missing the contact and prevent more than one employee responding.

Now there is a tool to Deliver Exceptionally Responsive Customer Support: Introducing Respond by Buffer.

Respond captures all their communications in one place. And allows you to schedule a response. It is perfect for a personality or a marketing/customer support team.

At the moment, it is only for twitter but since buffer purchased the tech, they are planning to introduce other social platforms to this great bit of kit.

To see how it works and discover the potential for your business to achieve an amazing customer experience go to this blog post by Buffer.

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