Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Marketing Hack: Compelling Sales Story Technique

A newbie businessperson sets up. With a brilliant product. But minimal traction. They are making sales, although, nowhere near the level they dreamed. Their sales volume is not soaring high like their projection.

They look at the big players. They are aggressively branding. They have the capital and the funding to play the game...

Storyhacking: Cracking the Code Behind the Irresistible Selling Power of Stories

...There has to be another way, the business person believes.

It's either that or fold because they cannot continue they way they are.

In today's world, a simple search will point you in the right direction. And one of those directions our aspiring entrepreneur can take and no doubt has already been doing is storytelling.

There is a story behind their adventure. There is a reason why they went into business. A discovery. An emotion. And a way to make their customers life better.

Every marketing experts will at some point advise you market with stories. It is because stories are receptive to us. We love a good story. And we buy into and share good stories.

Children to adults embrace stories. They entertain us and cause a psychological impact.

Storytelling is good for business. A good story can take a small business to multinational level.

But the problem is:

Few share the secrets story structure freely. It is one of those powerful marketing techniques guarded by some form of payment...

...Until this landed in my inbox - Storyhacking: Cracking the Code Behind the Irresistible Selling Power of Stories.

It is the elements of a sales story split up and explained step-by-step. The mirage of copywriting has been taken away. You can now take this article and forge a successful sales story for your business.

Head over to CopyHacker.com to see the Sales Hack of the Story Marketing Technique. Then start crafting the elements and watch sales rise.

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