Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Magnetic Man Creates Free Marketing for Genius Pizza Service

Free publicity. We dream of it. We spend time and money trying to force it...

...then your front-of-house staff take an opportunity that puts your business all over the media. You're in the news. You're on the TV. You're all over the web.

Man gets Domino’s pizza delivered to train with genius move

Wide coverage created by your customer and a non-executive, non-marketing employee.

This could have been a missed opportunity. The wrong type of employee with the wrong attitude and bad training could have said no. They may not care enough...

...about your customers or your business.

Customer Service - A material of great business. Without focusing on it, you will be losing money.

With the right training and environment, you can rely on your employees to do the best for your customers. Just as Domino's pizza staff did.

DJ Artwork of Magnetic Man, was on a five-hour train journey without food. There was no food cart, no bar... so he ordered a pizza to be delivered mid-journey.

The train pulled into the station and Domino's was there waiting with his order.

DJ Artwork tweeted about the experience and posted a video on Facebook. The media picked up on the story and it spread.

Naturally, Domino's is happy with their staff and rewarded them for exceptional customer service and PR.

You can see the whole story, tweets, and video here: Man gets Domino’s pizza delivered to train with genius move.

To really succeed in business we have to truly understand the value of a customer... they are our best asset. They need to experience the best we can offer every time. And we have to relay that message to our staff so believe it and live it too.

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