Wednesday, 11 May 2016

LinkedIn Essential Marketing Tips to Increase Revenue

"You should be on Facebook!"

"You've got to be on Google+."

"Twitter's amazing... you need to be there."

You're probably familiar with this statements. Your business friends may have said one or two of them. And the business pages across the web always tell us to play there.

We are told to be active on social media. However, putting in the time doesn't always reap rewards.

Yes, setting up your social accounts is fundamental from an SEO point of view. But time is limited. A good and sensible choice is to apply effort where your prospects are playing.

Top Ways to Market Yourself on LinkedIn

If your customers are professionals, if you sell b2b, then spending more time on LinkedIn would be a good idea. It makes sense, not just to set up your account, profile, and company page, but to spend time perfecting them and build relationships. has recently published an article - Top Ways to Market Yourself on LinkedIn. It shows 6 areas you can work on to market yourself and your business through LinkedIn.

Click the link above to get to this article and improve your marketing and social networking today.

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