Thursday, 19 May 2016

Fast Marketing Strategies to Create Free Website Traffic

All roads lead to... hopefully making money. If your business model is optimised then you will know how much quality traffic you need to take a percent to the next level. And keep them moving until you generate cash.

Maybe you haven't quite optimised your sales strategy and need traffic to test it.

Either way... you need traffic... fast.

21 Strategies to Drive More Free Website Traffic Today

It's a tossup between free & paid traffic. The best business advice is to do both. The worst position to be in is living with one source of traffic. If that drys up you're screwed.

Let's be real. Free traffic techniques are not free. There is a cost... time & resources.

Both free and paid marketing can be self-liquidating. Or they can pay for themselves time and time again, especially if they "go viral" or the lifespan is increased (SEO benefit).

Because people don't like to be sold to (but they like to buy... the irony!), free traffic revolves around content, not advertising. Aim to create content worth sharing. Use the proven triggers to cause word-of-mouth marketing.

Then use digital media to distribute it.

To get you moving in the right distribution direction take a look at these 21 Strategies to Drive More Free Website Traffic Today.

This article was written by Michael Karp. He managed to attract over 340,000 unique visitors and shared how he did it.

These Internet Marketing Techniques Generate Free Traffic. Acquire them now ;-)

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