Monday, 2 May 2016

Copy the Way Boring Businesses Create Compelling Marketing

"It has a ZX600 thingymajig twice as powerful as our competitors..." Snore! Look interested, smile and nod. Hold on, don't encourage him. He's going to tell me more tech stuff I don't understand.

"The Flangal-handle will rotate 3000 revolutions..." I don't want it now. It's too expensive. I'll take this brochure and go... Quick, take the opportunity... he's taking a breath. Make an excuse and leave.

How to Create Engaging Marketing Campaigns for Boring Businesses

Ever been in that situation either as a buyer or a seller?

Most of us have. Some products and services are that boring. They lack excitement. The only reason people buy is because they have already determined a need. They want a product to do the job for the best possible price.

However, salesmanship is an art. Every business can find an artistic way to sell a product, no matter how boring the business. And like any piece of art... it can be forged.

To prove what I'm telling you is true, here's an article showing How to Create Engaging Marketing Campaigns for Boring Businesses.

There are examples of the industry's traditional marketing and how the product or service can be repositioned to sell in an entertaining and compelling way.

Head over to now to be inspired and find your compelling marketing angle to increase sale.

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