Monday, 4 April 2016

New Research Reveals How to Write Viral Headlines

Grab Attention. Cause a share...?

'There are many copywriting formulas. However, few work repeatedly.' He tells the class. 'Years of trying and testing has proven winners.'

Why would anyone waste time learning sales formulas less likely to work? A sane and bright person wouldn't...

...Give me the best formulas now. Give me a higher probability of success.

That's what he did.

How to Write Viral Headlines: New BuzzSumo Research

'AIDA. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action... You lead them to a sale.'

If a sale is your target, this format is one of the best. Although, a sales letter is not always the content type needed. Your content marketing strategy should include word-of-mouth, referral content marketing too...

...With sharing psycho-triggers to push, you can use because some smart people have worked out why people share.

Content starts with a strong headline. A headline does many things. It grabs attention. It is designed to keep you reading. It makes people share!?

Yes, you can structure a headline to make people share content. Even if they do not read it. The headline is designed to encourage sharing.

This article - How to Write Viral Headlines: New BuzzSumo Research - gives you are headline formula proven to work on social media.

By learning this formula you can create content headlines more likely to be shared. You'll generate more traffic to your business. You will produce free marketers and advertisers to increase your reach.

What are you waiting for? Start making shareable headlines and content now.

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