Monday, 18 April 2016

New Digital Communication Raises Revenue

Peeking over shoulders. I can see how they're using tech. And how tech is getting their attention.

Little headlines announcing stories. Offers. Businesses are connecting with their customers. And the customer is happy to be informed and sold to.

While they are swiping around the device they are distracted. Their attention is switched. They click the little notification and hop over to the website to see more.

It may be an interesting article. It may be a one-off sale. It's something compelling... compelling enough for them to take action when they get there.

How an eCommerce made 3-digit Revenue from a Single Push Notification

The smart business using this new and adaptive tech is driving interested folk back to their business and having them do something beneficial for the business.

Top business owners are constantly thinking how they can interact with prospects and customers... how to get them to come back for more.

In the digital world, email collection has always been a primary objective. Multiple ways of gathering email leads have been created. Email marketing has become a huge monster in marketing. But...

...inboxes are now crowded. It's harder to get emails opened. People are just too busy. And overwhelmed.

However, new technology provides options. People are downloading apps... and apps are able to keep them informed with notifications.

Now, you can make an app to notify your customers or you can use a new service that allows you to notify your customers through a web browser.

If your customer is using google or apple services to view the internet on a computer or mobile device then you can now start notifying them of your content and offers.

To see an example of How an eCommerce made 3-digit Revenue from a Single Push Notification, click this link.

This new tech can be used to update your subscribers or to send them offers. In this example, the eCommerce Business Increased Revenue with New Notification.

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