Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Morning Rituals to Be More Productive

That dreaded alarm's going to go off. Any moment now. I just know it. Don't open your eyes. Is it that time already? I don't want to get up yet!

Thinking back, I hate that feeling. The anxiety. Dreading the horrid sound of the alarm. And wanting to be in bed for longer.

How things have changed. The thought of getting up repulsed me. It was challenging. A struggle. But now I spring out of bed.

8 Things You Should Do Every Day Before 8 A.M. to Be More Productive

I'm ready to take on the world. To get things done. Simply because my view changed. My ritual changed.

It's automatic. I get up and get out. My alarm goes off and I bounce out of bed. Sometimes I'm up before the alarm. I get a good nights sleep and then I'm up and doing...

...because there is something to live for, something to strive towards. And things need doing just to get me there.

If I'm going to get the most out of each day then I have to move. And some things are best done at specific times of the day.

Successful people have shown us their routines. You can see 8 Things You Should Do Every Day Before 8 A.M. to Be More Productive here.

I do most of these things. I combine some to be more productive. I manage my morning to get the best start to my day.

If you want to be more productive throughout your day then take a look at this article on inc.com and try organising some of them into your day.

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