Thursday, 14 April 2016

Marketing Emails to Send to Your List

Blind communication. It was the telephone... now it's email. We're in contact with people we've never seen. We collect emails to build lists. To enter our marketing funnels. And to move them along to a buying decision.

Many businesses do not market to their leads. They do not know a good email strategy. They do not know what to send...

The 15 Emails You NEED to Be Sending to Your Email List

Some think they might be sending SPAM. A lack of knowledge stops them from progressing.

An unfounded belief stops businesses owners from collecting email addresses to begin a relationship.

That's a shame. Money is being uncollected... left behind. People are entering their place of business and leaving without any follow-up. They could be the perfect customer for you. And you could be the perfect company with a product or service they need.

Wherever you're at, email marketing should be a part of your marketing mix because it is very effective. And you are not alone, there are email templates you can copy. Email campaign structures you can follow.

Sarah Peterson shares The 15 Emails You NEED to Be Sending to Your Email List. If you don't have a campaign yet or need to add more to a campaign, you'll find email templates and ideas to help you on your way.

Head over to now to see the emails to send to your subscribers. And if you do not have the tools to capture email addresses on your website, they provide some of the best apps in the biz.

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