Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Marketing Buzz Entrepreneurs Need to Dodge

The dawn of a new era. It happened some decades ago. The digital age. The start of new business. New consumer spending. And a stack of ideas.

Of course, marketing was involved. We transferred marketing methods from one channel to another without conflict.

Everything The Tech World Says About Marketing is Wrong

However, one aspect of business did transfer with unfavorable outcomes. A buzz that leads the blind down a cash-sucking black hole.

There's often few winner... the creators of the cosmic forces. And those that understand and use them wisely.

But don't feel like you have been duped. The information you need is available when you know where to look. That's one problem...

...Information overload. The digital age has brought many things; new industry, new jobs, and access to the world and its information.

Finding what you truly need can be problematic. One of the new things can trip you up. You could follow the crowd and hope they know what they are doing. The truth is...

...the creators of the new digital marketing aspect have used a simple marketing tact to sell a product - find a unique feature and sell the benefits.

It's how entrepreneurs create business. Find an angle; a known or created problem and sell a solution.

They create a buzz. And unschooled business owners hum along.

Instead of humming along with the blind, read this article instead - Everything The Tech World Says About Marketing is Wrong.

You will quickly learn about marketing and the steps to successfully market your business. You can then better make a decision on the glitzy tools to determine if they can help you along the way.

Head over to to see Samuel Scott's explanation of the Wrong Digital Marketing Beliefs. Click the link now and be enlightened.

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