Monday, 11 April 2016

Growth Marketing Techniques to Increase Business

Marketing opportunities... tactics... hacks? strategies?

The English language is constantly evolving. New words are added to the dictionary every year. But do they add new meanings or simply take a sentiment... an emotion or view and apply it to a word?

Some years ago, marketing seemed simple. There were brand marketers and direct response marketers... and the nonsense taught in college.

Brand marketing disagreed with direct response and vice-versa. There were clear lines in the sand.

Big businesses were attracted to the glitz and glamor of branding. And small businesses were frugal and took up accountable direct response.

Then the internet came along.

Is A/B testing failing you? Here are 19 shorter, faster paths to growth

Just out of short trousers mavericks blurred the lines without a doubt in their minds. They proved both marketing concepts right. And moulded new concepts...

...Growth Hacking. Actions with the sole purpose of attracting, gaining and keeping a customer. Holes in the marketing funnel were filled.

Today we have direct response marketers cost-effectively branding with remarketing campaigns. And big advertising agencies developing direct response formulas to add to their digital marketing campaigns.

Businesses often get stuck in a loop. They do the same things, day in - day out, making tweaks here and there to increase results. When in reality, a new loop... technique is required.

Is A/B testing failing you? Here are 19 shorter, faster paths to growth.

Where ever your business is, in the start-up phase or with a solid footing, you can benefit from techniques used to boost business. The concepts may not directly apply to your business, however, they can trigger an idea.

Head over to to learn how to grow with marketing techniques.

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