Thursday, 21 April 2016

Expert Facebook Marketing Beliefs Cracked

Regular Facebook advertiser or soon to test. At some point, you'll search for guidance - "Facebook ad tips" - because you're looking for the win and not to waste money.

Solid information is out there. Or so it would seem...

We Tested 48 Facebook Ads To Bust 6 Marketing Myths

Facebook itself offers advice. They have a view of how their platform should look and what users prefer. And an endless list of experts can tell you how to advertise on Facebook.

Clicking through each article you will find a regurgitation of information. Presented in different ways. And examples were shown... But how solid is the advice?

Are the rules made to be broken?

Let's find out... has taken 6 Facebook advertising guidelines and thrown them in the pressure cooker to see if they can handle the heat. To find out what happened, click the link below:

We Tested 48 Facebook Ads To Bust 6 Marketing Myths

There are some great takeaways in this article. And a conclusion to live by. SO if you are running Facebook ads or going to test them for your business take a look at these Facebook Ads Tested To Crack 6 Marketing Beliefs.

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