Wednesday, 23 March 2016

SEO Secret Revealed to Top Search Results

Spam emails in my inbox. They promise to get my site to number one on Google.

I bet you get the same junk emails too.

Does anyone believe this crap and employ them?

Building Links With Images: Where To Start And How To Automate It?

I know many businesses waste hundreds, if not thousands, per month on SEO services. They believe they need it. Are willing to pay for the service. But never monitor results...

...they do not see an ROI.

It's not their fault. They are not tech savvy. SEO is not their game.

However, as a leader, you should grasp the SEO basics to skirt the bullshit. And you should know one or two tactics for an almost guaranteed win.

Nobody can guarantee you will be at the top of Google's page rank forever. You might only get there for a day or two. Because things change fast.

Nevertheless, optimising for high search engine results with an ongoing strategy is the way forward. So today I want to tell you one Grossly Neglected SEO Technique To Top The Page Rank.

It's a technique Dan Petrovic tested to prove his notion. And it proved to be best. It outperformed the generic SEO linking tactic.

You may or may not know, getting links to your website from other websites effects where your website or web page is ranked for keywords.

Generating good quality links to your site is an SEO target.

In this article - Building Links With Images: Where To Start And How To Automate It? - you will see the benefits of creating images to get links to your website. You will also learn how to monitor your images and make sure they are being linked back to you.

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