Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Ruthlessly Candid Landing Page Reviews to Boost Marketing

A well-crafted offer can increase profits. It is what we aim to achieve. To keep improving on with the smallest piece of information... a different view... and proven structure.

We should always be testing offers and landing pages. Our results determine the direction we move in.

However, many entrepreneurs do not understand landing pages, offers, copywriting or the structure. It takes a special kind of person to recognise what they are not capable of. To admit what they are not good at. And more special to willingly put their creative up for evaluation.

22 Brutally Honest Landing Page Critiques

You might get your pride hurt. But the pain is worth future gains.

And that is what 22 businesses have done. They ignored their ego. They handed their landing pages to an expert to be critiqued. They saw the value of getting free expert advice in exchange for publicly publishing it.

They gain and we gain too. Everybody wins.

To see the 22 Brutally Honest Landing Page Critiques click the link that takes you to conversion specialists Unbounce.com.

You will see a wide range of landing pages from smaller and larger businesses, online and offline businesses. And you will learn the correct structure. And, at worst, takeaway a tip to boost your landing page(s).

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