Monday, 21 March 2016

Rarely Used Small Businesses Marketing Techniques

Local businesses are suffering. They're closing doors for good because they fail to market and compete successfully.

The world has changed... new aspects have been added. But that doesn't mean old tactics fail to work... no... they've simply been forgotten.

Try These 10 Rarely Used Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

Business owners have been lured away by new shiny tech and promises that often fail to deliver.

In the old days, we had a physical presence and the yellow pages. It might be true for some that you do not need a bricks and mortar business anymore. And the yellow pages is dead.

But does that really reflect your customer and business?

A customer of a certain age is more likely to pick up the yellow pages then crawl the web.

And people tend to prefer face to face contact over digital communication. People can get a sense of who you are and what you are about in the flesh. They can see you. Hear you. Touch you. And smell you.

That last point may have slipped passed unnoticed. Nevertheless, odors and pheromones play a part in how we perceive someone... You can almost taste them!

Countless times I have been put off by bad odors. I conclude... if they lack attention to themselves, where else are they lacking attention?

On the other hand, a whiff of pleasantness goes gently unnoticed and subconsciously causes rapport.

For a small local business, this is worth its weight in gold. No big advertising spend can generate the same effect as personal marketing.

So to really get your business moving in the right direction Try These 10 Rarely Used Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses.

Head over to where Neil Patel reveals marketing initiatives to make an impact from 10 small business marketing tips infrequently used.

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