Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Incorrect Business View Causes Profit Slump

"It went viral."

The executives celebrate. The marketing department is buzzing with an air of smugness.

After months of preparation, deep discussion, and stress, they made a viral video. Their brand is all over this thing. Everybody's heard about it, seen it... more than once.

It's what business dreams are made of. Or is it a nightmare?

Viral Content - Ylvis - The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)

Business people often want to produce the next viral piece of content. However, they lack understanding what it actually means... more importantly... what it brings to the table.

The focus is on the view count. Yet, the number of views a video has is not significant. Business shouldn't care if the video has millions of views if no extra revenue is generated.

Think back to some of the videos everybody talked about. Where are they now? Did they make any extra money... any money at all?

Businesses are looking at it wrong.

There is a formula. A way to shape your content so that it goes viral (in the true form and maybe on a small scale dependent on your business) and adds value to your business.

To better understand this concept take a look at this article - Viral 2.0

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