Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Google AdWords Features to Improve Clicks & Conversions

The #1 search engine keeps evolving. But maybe not in the advertisers favour.

You may have noticed Googles latest results page change... makes it harder for advertisers to stand out and get noticed. But there are a few things we can do to set the odds back in our favour.

Use These 6 Google AdWords Manual Extensions to Get More Clicks and Conversions

Now, if you search for something the ads down the right side have gone. They've torn away that section and shredded it.

Google has moved on. It's not the first time. Remember when Google started putting ads at the top of the page... above the organic results?

Well, these places proved successful. And now they are in line with mobile search results, adverts at the top and bottom of the page.

They are delivering between 2 and 8 adverts at a time. So the fight for advertisers being picked is on.

As you'll already know, Google rewards great advertising. The numbers don't lie. The actions people take. The conversions. The time they spend with the advertiser. The congruency and experience...

...It all counts towards you being picked for one of the top spots. Or at least, to be on the page.

Here's the challenging part. How can you improve your click through rate and conversions while challenging for attention in the search results?

Advertisers are given a little help. And now it is more important than ever with the current change.

In the beginning, we had a limited space; a headline, some text and a web address. But now we have other features we can use - Ad Extensions.

If you are advertising with Google AdWords or thinking about trying it, then adding some of these extensions will increase your chances of success because you will take up more space, and be able to market interesting features and benefits to your prospect.

To see how to Use These 6 Google AdWords Manual Extensions to Get More Clicks and Conversions click this link now.

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