Thursday, 24 March 2016

Every Entrepreneur Needs These Attributes

Flaky's not one of them. Nor procrastination. Two characteristics most people suffer at a high enough scale not to succeed.

Entrepreneurs need high levels of other attributes to overcome the negative ones. When things get tough and emotions make moving forward harder, we entrepreneurs are able to dig deep and find a way.

The Two Traits Every Entrepreneur Needs

You'll have friends who want to run a business... but never will. They'd rather express a desire, describe the dream than put in what is required.

During the time they could be moving forward towards their dream they'd rather waste it on TV, computer games, and social media.

And you'll probably have friends that have made it out of the blocks but folded when reality didn't align with their perception. They throw in the towel early. They didn't explore all available options.

I think we've all been close to or actually there at some point too. However, a true entrepreneur is made of stronger stuff to succeed. We regroup and continue. We gain clarity, have a vision and find a way.

Jim Dougherty, entrepreneur, software CEO, and lecturer at MIT, writes in the Harvard Business Review about The Two Traits Every Entrepreneur Needs and explains his reasons why.

Click the link for two attributes you'll need to have any chance of being a successful entrepreneur.

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