Monday, 7 March 2016

#1 Content Upgrade Problem for Converting Viewers into Leads... Solved

Business starts with people. We need people to show up. Consistently.

If the doors are open for business and nobody shows - you have a problem. People matter. And quantity matters. If you need 1000 people every day to make money and you're only getting 100 - you have a problem.

The #1 Problem with Content Upgrades and What I've Learned To Do Instead

It's a common problem on the internet. People do not land on a website and spend money... many-a-time... there just looking.

Sometimes it takes a few visits before they part with cash. Or multiple visits... in many businesses, there are bottom feeders never in the position to buy.

We cannot be there to determine if they are good prospects or not. So we use lead generation models to stay in contact, keep them coming back, and direct them to a sale.

The Internet Gurus pioneered the squeeze page for email collection and list building. They marketed and gave away valuable information for free in exchange for the visitors' email address.

This works well, even today.

Content marketing grew. Almost every business has a blog or a newsletter or some variation...

...The free thing became irrelevant. New folks were attracted by a blog post not related to the lead-gen offer. Opt-ins were low.

Along came the Content Upgrade. A free offer to expand the article a viewer is currently reading.

Email sign-ups increase dramatically.

But there's a big problem. How can you create an upgrade for every post... especially if you have multiple posts per day?

It's not always straightforward.

However, experience can guide us. In this article, you will be shown 3 different types of content upgrades. And each type will be explained and demonstrated.

So head over to to learn about content upgrades and imagine how you can use them in your business - The #1 Problem with Content Upgrades and What I've Learned To Do Instead

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