Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Unlocked Sales Secret & Big Marketing with Small Budget to Shark Tank Success

You have a great idea. A product or service you know the world wants and needs. So as an entrepreneur, you give up everything to develop it.

At some point, you realise you need to figure out how best to market and sell the thing.

So you're knocking around the internet looking for the best techniques, tips and strategies.

You might stumble on a blog like this one and take some ideas from it...

...you start doing stuff - but nothing's working the way they promised.

You know it's not the product or service because people love it, and most importantly, they are buying.

Shark Tank: AquaVault Unlocks Secrets Of Hooking A Deal And Marketing With No Money

The problem is growth. Growth from a very small budget. How do you sell more and maximise the low-cost marketing you're already doing?

That's the problem the guys at AquaVault had. They bootstrapped a business. Successfully sold their product in their local area. But their business market is far greater. The potential is huge.

They discovered email marketing. A low-cost way to target-market and personalise emails.

On the surface, personalised email marketing is a powerful technique. But if the whole marketing strategy and elements are substandard or lacking then the impact will not hit.

They solved their problem of bad personalised email marketing, PR and copywriting. You can see the problems they had and how they fixed them.

"When designing your pitch, it comes down to people simply not having the time to read your emails. If you don’t capture their attention in the first three seconds, you’ve more than likely lost your window of opportunity."

While they were emailing a lot, they figured out the best and worst time to send email.

During the process of landing a shark, they figured out a secret of selling successfully.

And I love this famous viewpoint:

“If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.”

A great way to view life!

To find out how the guys at AquaVault conquered the Shark Tank, Email Marketing and Sales click this link to Forbes.com for the full article - Shark Tank: AquaVault Unlocks Secrets Of Hooking A Deal And Marketing With No Money

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