Thursday, 18 February 2016

Steps to Traffic Quadrupling Headlines

I was given an article. A friend recommended I read it. So I did. The content was interesting. It was well written and produced and informative, but...

...It didn't gain traction. It didn't stand out from the crowd. Few were reading it and even fewer were reading it.

I stopped to think "Why?", and then it hit me. People have a very short attention span. And it's getting shorter. Some have as little as 3 seconds.

We have to stimulate their bouncing brains in 3 seconds!

5 Easy Steps For The Best Blog Titles That Will Quadruple Your Traffic

The problem had to be the title - the headline. So I ran it through analysis...

... a big fat ZERO. It didn't strike me as that bad. I would have guessed 15-25%, something below par.

The problem is content is king. Content marketing is huge. And businesses and freelancers feel they have to produce content to get ahead.

In many cases, that's true.

But they are not trained copywriters. They are not trained salespeople. Therefore, they lack the marketing experience to create catchy headlines, that will stop readers, get them to read, share and produce more traffic to your website.

To be fair, mastering the art of headline writing is hard. But you do not have to craft a gem to get noticed.

You can write very good headlines with a bit of knowledge and fill-in-the-blanks examples. And some very good tools to guide you.

If you want to know how to write like a pro then this article - 5 Easy Steps For The Best Blog Titles That Will Quadruple Your Traffic - will show you:

  • The four pillars of awesome content in titles
  • How to use psychology to increase shares and clicks
  • And how to use the best words to capture your audience’s unique interest

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