Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Small Business Video Marketing Success Shared

Big businesses are making a mint from video marketing.

I know, you probably think they can afford it, they have time and resources... it's out of your league. Your customers are different, or some other limiting belief.

Small Business Video Marketing Success Shared

The truth is the internet is rapidly moving towards video. People are reading less and watching more. By 2020, 80% of consumption will be in video format (according to Cisco).

If the evolution of the internet continues as it is then there's no reason why that will not be true because business to consumer and business to business video marketing is working very well...

Also, small businesses are finding out the reality of video production is not expensive... and they are slowly acting on it.

In a few short years, most businesses, big and small, will have their marketing message recorded. They will have put together a marketing campaign or two.

But most importantly they will sell more because of video marketing.

When they release a video (or series of videos) they will see a surge in website traffic, a rise in sales, and increased engagement on social media.

Some of them will become "internet famous".

If you're not already, don't you think it's time to get in the game and figure out video marketing before your competition floods the market, and the rules change making it harder and more costly for a newbie?

To see what small businesses can do with the likes of YouTube, have a look at this article - 6 Small Businesses Share Successful Video Marketing Campaigns

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