Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Psychology of Selling FREE Conquers Internet Lead Marketing

The power of FREE. Marketers will always try to use that word in a campaign. The word is so compelling. It grabs attention. And it forces people to make decisions they probably wouldn't normally.

Use the Psychology of Free Stuff to Generate Lead

Just the other day, I was in the bakery and before I left the baker handed me a free chocolate croissant while saying "For the road".

I ate that little chocolate pastry while walking down the street.

I didn't really want it there and then. I definitely didn't need it. I was happy to be given it and subsequently put hand-to-mouth without thinking... It was good!

I understood the value. I knew the stimulating effect. So I took it and ate it...

And I'll be going back for more. He knows it. I know it. And we are both happy.

The power of FREE will compel people to do things they might not normally do as long as they understand the benefits.

So how can you use this psychology in your internet marketing?

An article on SmallBizTrends.com explains a very effective way you can prove value and give away something for free and generate leads to sell in the future.

Use the Psychology of Free Stuff to Generate Lead by clicking the link. Quickly learn the marketing technique and then implement your own strategy with it.

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  1. Thanks for this article! I've always been a fan of "free" to gather the emails.