Monday, 22 February 2016

New-Radical Marketing Power to Increase Content Marketing ROI

Can you remember the days when "the media" controlled the world?

Careers and lives could be made or ruined by a few powerful people. How they saw the world and how they believed it should be was forced onto us.

Placemints: Connecting Journalism and Content Marketing

They got into our heads. They force-fed stories... And they knew how to push our buttons so they could profit.

It's business after all.

If we wanted a slither of the pie we would produce a story worthy of publication or reference.

We'd do some PR work and send out press releases.

We were taught to capture the readers attention with a compelling headline because the person flicking through the pile of press releases delivered that day doesn't have time to read every article.

But the world has changed... Social Power has arrived.

Social media has taken over the world. The few has turned into us. No longer does the traditional media rule. More people now devour news and trending topics on Facebook and Twitter and other social sites than they do with traditional media.

The game has changed. But the basic rules are the same.

We still have to create great content; great headlines, subheads, images, a story. And we have to push the trigger buttons too.

However, social media is saturated. More and more content is being created. And the ROI almost nonexistent.

Now there is a new way to play the content marketing game. The old PR model is dead. To get ahead, to get published, written about and mentioned, and to get links back to your business and improve your SEO, you have to join old skool journalism with social content marketing.

To increase your ROI from content marketing, you have to find and understand you target audience(s), build a relationship with the media gatekeeper, produce and deliver for that audience and media.

It's more work than 'do it once and send to many, cross your fingers and hope for the best', yet worth it in the end.

You can do it yourself, or use a service like this new start-up, They are connecting journalists and brands for mutual benefit.

It's a short-cut. Your story created, delivered, and published.

Therefore, if you want to increase your businesses reach, this Startup is Connecting Journalism and Content Marketing to produce more prospects.

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