Monday, 1 February 2016

New AdWords Opportunities to Increase Attraction

Paying for attention?

Every time somebody Googles your industry, product or service they are looking for answers. And they are willing to pay for a job done well... something that does what your customer wants it to do.

Sitelinks, Callouts & Structured Snippets

Throughout the history of Google, they've understood businesses are willing to pay to be at the top of the search results. They are willing to fight for business.

But some have suffered, lost money, and never figured out how to make such limited ad. space work.

And Google knows this. They understand better targeted and suitable adverts will help advertisers get attention and improve click through rates.

For the same cost, you are now able to cover more space at the top of the search page. You can add strategic copy and links to woo your prospect.

To see an explanation and examples of AdWords Sitelinks, Callouts & Structured Snippets have a look at Matt Umbro's article on

Learn and use these New AdWords Options to Increase Click Through Rate. Then all you have to do is continue along your prospects buying journey.

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