Thursday, 25 February 2016

Marketing Technique produces 25% of Growth

We think it will irritate them. So we remove it... Without testing!?

Well, it makes sense. And we don't want to lose customers. And others are doing the same thing because of the same reasons we have. Therefore, it must be the right action, must'en it?

We Owe 25% Of Our Growth To One Line Of Code

A great piece of advice I was once given:

"When everyone is going one way, go in the opposite direction."

Don't be a sheep blindly following. At least, be the black sheep... or the sheepdog, or even the shepherd.

And test.

Because, without testing, nobody really knows the outcome. Don't rely on your gut. This is not the jungle, and you are not faced with a big cat.

If you do rely on your gut, then be prepared to be wrong more than 50% of the time.

Does it actually agitate them to the point of losing customers? And if it does, do the overall benefits outweigh the losses?

These are the questions one start-up were faced with. To start with, they wanted to remove a line of code because other businesses in their industry did. But...

... their mentor questioned it, and presses and presses so they didn't.

They proved not removing the code benefited the business. And then figured out why and how it benefits other businesses too.

You should see what they didn't do to improve their marketing and landed big clients because of it. Click the link below now to see this growth hack.

We Owe 25% Of Our Growth To One Line Of Code

This growth hack might not directly apply to you and your business, but it will open your mind to possibilities and opportunities.

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