Monday, 15 February 2016

Marketing Funnel Lead Magnet Ideas

They show up. They touch stuff. But they don't buy!?

Then they disappear, probably never to be seen again.

It's frustrating for a business owner. Every person that enters, we're wishing they spend money. And often feel more should be pulling notes out for us.

101 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of Your Marketing Funnel

A lot of expense is spent keeping things running and having them there. It's not free. So there has to be sufficient trade to stay alive...

...Imagine for a moment, that you could increase your transaction frequency from the people that go to your business.

There is a way you can monetise the wandering consumer.

Let's be real, they might not be quite ready to buy when they arrive, but in a few days, or a week or two, with more information, trust, and desire, they are ready.

And who are they going to buy from, a total stranger or somebody they have a relationship with?

Generating a lead is key. Then take them on a journey to the point of sale.

To get them to the point of sale, all you have to do is capture their contact information and add value to their life.

There are many formats you can use to add value. And many techniques and strategies to turn a prospect into a lead, and take a lead to the point of sale.

To see the basic outline of a marketing funnel and multiple lead magnet ideas you have to view this post. And take notice of the experience... how they are turning visitors into leads.

Go now to 101 Lead Magnet Ideas For Every Stage Of Your Marketing Funnel. Then use it to design one of your own.

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