Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Follow Video Marketing Trends to Copy in 2016

The motion picture has evolved once more. Now, most of us have decent quality video cameras in our pockets. And have access to the internet. We can upload videos to social media, create channels and become popular.

The barrier to entry is low. And distribution is potentially global (if your content is notable and shareable).

Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

The technological restrictions and expense we once had are almost gone. No longer do the networks control what we see on our telly boxes. They can now be connected to the internet to view what we like when we like. And recorded entertainment is rarely physically in hand... it is streamed.

We can upload once and deliver to millions. A massive change from recording a VHS or DVD and giving it to one person or household.

The world is changing. Even the BBC has changed its approach. Although it is saving money too. They have taken one of their channels off-air and put it on the internet.

They believe the younger audience this channel is aimed towards, who are gobbling up the internet, will not miss the TV station and easily migrate to internet viewing by live-streaming and catch-up on the iplayer.

It's a bold move.

With a clear strategy, BBC three now has its own website and social media accounts to drive awareness and traffic to the iplayer.

They already have over one million followers across social media.

But their business model is about getting people watching. They are not selling... no third party adverts because they are funded by our TV licence. So they are all about branding, programming and generating an audience. (And merchandising for successful shows!)

But it proves where we are today with video... low expense, manageable and targeted.

This year will see some dramatic tests and changes to video marketing - and improvements to our ROI.

To see and hear insights & predictions in the world of video marketing from 16 experts click this link - Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

I'm not sure about vertical videos. I can't see the advantage because mobile phones adjust to the orientation... hold the phone horizontally it changes. Maybe there is a benefit for recording vertical videos (Portrait Vs Landscape). We'll see.

Let me know what you think?

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