Monday, 29 February 2016

Essential Elements for Social Media Marketing Breakthrough

I've got a feeling.

There's something not quite right when entrepreneurial friends ask "are you on facebook... linkedIn..." and then follow-up with "you should be on..." when I haven't yet replied.

I'm concerned.

Do they know what they are doing with the media?

The 7 Essential Elements of Effective Social Media Marketing

I get the feeling they see potential and everybody is on there, so they feel we have to be too...

...Without understanding and measurement, it's likely they are doing things wrong.

I know they are not using the media platforms to their maximum potential.

They are simply following the crowd and randomly posting and getting involved way too much.

They are being sucked in. Although, I don't blame them because these "social medias" are designed to be addictive.

The longer we are there, and the more of us that are doing it, then the more valuable the media is.

But for entrepreneurs, time is money.

Unless you are using social media during your leisure time, and it's how you choose to spend it, then there's no problem.

However, if it's work, you better be effective. Your metrics better prove time invested is providing value to your business.

To help you be in control and add value to your business marketing this article shows you how to use Social Media Marketing's Essential Elements.

Click this link to get to the article - The 7 Essential Elements of Effective Social Media Marketing

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