Monday, 8 February 2016

Copy 7 Successful Facebook Adverts to Improve Your ROI

Small business owners have long questioned advertising... the cost, the impact, and the added cash in the bank.

They know they are not huge brands. They don't have the same budget, so they cannot simply employ ad. men, create a campaign and keep throwing money at it over and over again until they figure out if it worked or didn't work.

There has always been an answer. A way to guarantee your advertising spend, at least, breaks even.

7 Lessons Learned from 1,140 Facebook Ad Campaigns in One Year

You can acquire leads and customers from paid traffic with two techniques.

The first is to reduce the time you don't know if the campaign is working. You don't have to wait months like brand marketers before they know if the campaign increased sales and ended with a positive ROI.

In the digital age of direct response marketing, you can see how the campaign is doing day-by-day, hour-by-hour. The tools you have at your disposal enable you to monitor and measure your investment... LIVE.

The second technique is to learn from successful advertisers playing a game you can play. Because it would be silly to copy a multi-million-pound brand advertising campaign if you only have a small budget. It's a better idea to copy a format that can be duplicated with a few hundred pounds.

And to help you on that journey, has revealed their best performing advertising campaigns and explain why and how they work.

Take note of these 7 Lessons Learned from 1,140 Facebook Ad Campaigns in One Year and set-up or tinker with an advertising campaign of your own.

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