Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Weird Marketing Test Results Increase Conversions

Test, Test, Test. And test again!

Direct response marketers are always looking for a boost in performance. Even a fraction can make a significant difference. That's why they tend to know their numbers and markets better than a brand marketer.

It's about leads, conversions, sales and profits... recorded in real time and monitored.

4 Weird Split Tests that Didn’t Turn Out as Expected

Over the years, we have developed best practices. And practices dedicated to different niches. But...

...Over the last 10 to 15 years the internet has proven to be a direct response marketer's greatest source of education, information and application - with its own rules. The problem is, even though the art and science (especially science) of direct response has proven to win and caused big marketing companies to sit up, take notes and develop their own formulas, the rules of internet marketing are generic and made to be broken.

We cannot say every business on the internet should do XYZ. That simply does not work in the offline world. Different niches respond differently. You have to know the customer to be able to effectively use a proven trigger.

In this short be enlightening article you will find 4 Weird Split Tests that Didn’t Turn Out as Expected. The rules were followed and then broken. And resulted in a performance boost.

Head over to to see how they Increased Conversions with 4 Weird Marketing Test Results.

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