Thursday, 21 January 2016

Unusual Reasons Thought Leadership Generates Business

Buy my stuff - The reason most dabble with Thought Leadership. But what if I were to tell you the true nature of thought leadership is bigger and more powerful than chasing sales?

The Real Reasons Thought Leadership Is Vital For Business (They Are Not What You Think)

The guidance shared becomes vital to your business. In turn, it produces more sales.

That's the general picture... find people that agree with you, help them and they will repay you... in cash.

The thing is, it can look very transparent and obvious. It can display a completely different view and feeling for you and your business.

You could be doing it for all the wrong reasons and they will show.

Business is done with people we like and trust. And thought leadership is a time to show who we are, what we and our business believe in to attract similar people and add value to their lives.

For me, it's taking a small piece of my time to add value to the world. It's seeing a direction or concept and showing people the way.

I developed this blog for two reasons... to help me and to help you.

The first might seem selfish. It's not...

...I consume a lot of business, marketing, sales and entrepreneurship information online and wanted to index it and use it for future education, inspiration and application.

I could have simply saved it another way and made notes, but I decided you should benefit from good free info. And the creator of the content receives recognition and traffic too.

We all win.

Cheryl Conner has written an interesting article on It flys in the face of most Thought Leaders. And it does give us some intriguing angles to consider for our businesses.

To see what I mean go now to - The Real Reasons Thought Leadership Is Vital For Business (They Are Not What You Think).

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