Monday, 25 January 2016

LinkedIn Tips to Increase Visibility, Leads & Customers

Our professional persona. The way we position and maneuver our appearance and approach for work. The crazy party pics... or mundane daily life views are left for Facebook.

What we stand for and represent, from a business point of view, is kept strong and consistent on LinkedIn. It's there for business and to do business. It's a platform for you to put your best professional foot forward...

8 Ways to Get More Traffic from LinkedIn showcase you and your abilities and your business. It is a great business to business, professional to professional marketing and networking tool.

But some people get a bit stuck.

They don't make it work for them. Some take the "professional" stance too far. They look and act like robotic prudes with a rulebook for a phrase book.

Try injecting a bit of personality because it's attractive. More people will respond and approach you and your business if you are not wooden, a stick in the mud, or a plain Jane.

To get the most out of linkedIn by creating a stream of interested and ideal people flowing to you and your business you have to maximise its capabilities. You have to use the proven tools and tactics provided to turn a dripping tap into a constant flow.

To achieve this, there are 8 Ways to Get More Traffic from LinkedIn. Click the link to see what you have to do.

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  1. Sounds good, very true, some people take themselves way too serious. They need to relax!