Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Improve SEO with Instant Link Prospect Target Marketing

Do you remember backlinking's goo old days? Spamming every comment box with keywords and links to get higher up Google's search results. And swapping links with every website owner.

Then the game changed.

The art of Link Building

Swapping links and spamming became counterfeit. So we worked around perceived bogus linking and made shapes. No reciprocal links were made. A one-way link held more value in Google's eyes, the experts told us.

Then the game changed again.

A new treasure was created... high-value linking... having a link from an industry heavyweight told Google's algorithm the website is significant.

And that change put-off a load of people from pursuing link building. It became harder to achieve. It seems time-consuming... the use of time and resources could be better spent on other marketing tasks!?

It's good news for you because your competition falls short and gives up. And many of them don't even know about link building and the SEO effect.

And they will not know the shortcuts marketing pros use to find the heavyweights and their contact info so they can reach out and attain a link to their website and content.

Now you can. If you click the link below you will discover the tools and process to improve you SEO results by finding targeted prospects willing to link to your content... as long as it is good enough.

Go ahead and learn about Link Prospecting on Steroids – A Streamlined Process.

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