Thursday, 14 January 2016

Entrepreneurs Missing Small, Powerful, Persuasion Strategies

Imagine for a moment. You need to impress somebody. Somebody important. And you make a massive boo-boo.

You're selling yourself and your company, and you notice you've cocked up. It's significant. And damaging. So like most. You gloss over it and move on.

Two Small, but Powerful, Persuasion Strategies You Could be Missing Today

Hardly anybody noticed... well, nobody of importance, so you stick to the new truth and hope it doesn't blow up in your face.

How far would you go to cover up the truth?

People will do almost anything for self-preservation. They'll shred the evidence. They'll remove the whistleblower, even if that means destroying their career or termination.

Derren Brown's new show, Pushed to the Edge, proves people will do what is best for the group and themselves even if it means pushing their foe off the roof to their death.

Nobody would admit they could do such a thing. But most are capable and can be manipulated into doing such an act.

It's must see TV. It is educational. And highlights aspects we all need to focus on and take responsibility of.

That's key.

Blame. Most would rather blame others. Taking the blame... taking responsibility can hurt. Hurt pride can create an unpleasant chemical reaction tugging at your insides.

Once you overcome internal obstacles and stop blaming others, your self-impression will be positive. And going a step further to point out a blunder at the beginning can achieve positive persuasion.

Mr. Buffet recognizes the advantages of admitting weaknesses upfront.

You can change what people think of you.

Back to the scenario of impressing somebody important.

You want to make a positive impression so you tell them all your successes and achievements. You melodically converse your tail... but your impact is small. Your impression is minimally increased. And not enough for them to take action.

There is a way to generate a bigger impact. You can reveal all of the same information and get a better response with just one change in delivery...

...Get someone else to talk about you. When somebody else blows your trumpet, the sound is heard loud and clear. And it works even better when someone they know and trust tells them about you.

It's one reason why businesses use celebrity endorsements.
Arranging for someone else to introduce your background, experience and expertise, rather than doing so yourself, can change the way people think of you.

For further reading about the powers of persuasion, click this link - Two Small, but Powerful, Persuasion Strategies You Could be Missing Today

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