Monday, 7 December 2015

New 2016 SEO Changes to Improve Results

2016 will see many business websites slip. And a whole lot more not making gains in the search engine results.

Every year the SEO game changes. The new year is a good time to adapt to the new and plan how you will make the adjustments. Take the steps now to give google, bing and every other search engine what they are looking for.

SEO for 2016

Simply following old advice will not give google confidence your website is the one their users needs. Doing many things SEO "experts" say you should do to boost your chances do not add direct benefits in proportion with the time it takes to execute.

You'll no doubt want to maximise every penny... every minute spent.

One of the biggest SEO fundamentals you need to concentrate on for 2016 and beyond is:

Keeping Viewers On The Page

Time spent viewing a page is critical. The longer a viewer spends looking at your page the more important it must be for the topic they are searching for.

So, the more engaging your content is and the more views a page has, the more significant that page is for the topic. This will directly affect your SEO results.

It's nothing new, as such. It's a metric the search engines are now valuing over others. The importance of some metrics is shifting.

The search engines want to give quality content to users... this has always been a priority. Only, how they measure it has changed. The average time spent viewing a page from a large viewer pool will trigger significance.

This metric is held high. It's one you already should be looking at and working to improve. We know you have less than 9 seconds to capture someone's attention. With an ever increasing mobile and swiping culture, some are suggesting you have as few a 3 seconds.

If that's true, we now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish!

You can now see why the likes of google find it important that you can get people to stop and stay on the page.

There are some significant changes to SEO for 2016. Jayson DeMers has written about them on

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