Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Q&A Reveals Fitbit's Key To 250% Marketing Growth

If you thought growth marketing was just for start-ups... you'd be wrong.

Growth is a business goal. Long-standing companies measure growth year on year. Investors monitor growth performance and make financial decisions based on the data. The value of a company can be positively or negatively affected by growth data.

The thing is, start-ups have taken growth, wrapped it around marketing and dragged it to a business section of its own.

Clever marketers have rebranded direct response marketing and sold it to start-ups. They've created a whole new, rebellious, section of business marketing. And created products and services to sell.

It's genius marketing. It's pure marketing.

Tim Rosa's Clever Video Game Marketing to the Fitness World

It is like the geeky kid going to PC World and drooling over boxes of software on floppy disk and CD. The cool kids didn't get it. Their parents and grandparents didn't get it. But now...

...everybody wants Apps.

They're the same thing! Computer programs to do tasks. They've simply been made accessible to the growing computer (phone) user.

Rebranding helped. Apps sounds sexier than software and computer programs and applications.

Growth direction comes from different paths - Find out what the customer wants and give it to them, or, create a product or service to fill a void and close a gap... as Steve Jobs did well.

Whichever path growth and innovation comes from there are proven marketing strategies to take it through.

Each industry has their own strategies... and the best growth comes when you apply them to different industries. Tim Rosa did just that with his video game marketing background and took it to the fitness world.

In this Question & Answer interview Fitbit Marketing Leader Shares Key To 250% Growth. Head over there now to find out how they continue to grow.

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