Monday, 16 November 2015

Free Marketing Strategy Captures 3,000+ Email Prospects

To have any chance of starting or growing a business on the internet, you need prospects. Without leads entering in a business, it doesn't matter who you are you will lose out.

Strategy Captures Email Prospects

Just look at VW. They're losing sales because car buying prospects are refusing to go to their showrooms after the emissions scandal. Can they clean up their act, gain back trust and turn things around? Who knows...

...what is clear is their vehicles are not attractive.

Your prospect in need of your product or service has to be attracted to your site. They have to want something valuable you are offering free and be willing to exchange their contact information for it.

There are a few techniques that work better than others - formats deemed more valuable people will give you their contact info.

One marketing strategy deployed by Justin Mares generated more than 3,000 email addresses he can now market his business to. And he did it without paid marketing channels.

To see How He Captured 3,000+ Emails in 24 Hours (without advertising) click the link and see the article he published on

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