Monday, 30 November 2015

"Featured Snippets" SEO Increases Views & Revenue

Google keeps changing. You may have noticed in google's search results. As a user you may like it but as a content owner you may not.

It can seem like a disadvantage for most.

But in google's eyes, they believe they are serving the public better. And in many cases they are. If you believe they are not providing the best information for your area of expertise then don't be like most and whine about it.

SEO For Featured Snippets Leads To Big Gains

You can do something about it, even if you are competing with big fish and do not have the bottomless resources, you can be the search result google shines a light on.

Google is looking for the answers to commonly asked questions. And they will take a section from the webpage providing the best answer and display it in the search results. They are eliminating the guess work and confusion for the user.

In this case study, SEO expert Ben Goodsell shows how one landing page providing good content came out on top, beating big companies higher up google's search results page to become google's featured answer to a common question.

With a little work, this landing page increased traffic by over 500% and revenue by 677%.

To learn more about Featured Snippets and how you can optimise your content pages to increase traffic and revenue click this link: SEO For Featured Snippets Leads To Big Gains

Pay attention to the simple changes they made to improve the content's SEO for the win.

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