Thursday, 19 November 2015

Content Marketing Strategy got 36K Visitors & 1,000 Email Leads

Targeted traffic + Lead generation mechenisum = Business growth.

It's simple. If you can increase the number of quality prospects going to your website and you have a way to capture their information then you increase the potential to grow your business. (As long as you follow up!)

There is a strategy used by marketers that gets more people to a website. It's been dubed "The Skyscraper Technique".

Skyscraper Technique Case Study

In 3 Steps you can generate a flood of visitors to your website.

I was about to say "3 Simple Steps" but resisted because few will actually do it eventhough the technique and process is simple. There is nothing complicated involved. The complex part is about your product or service. And if that confuses you and you do not have the answers involved then you shouldn't be content marketing...

...and maybe you shouldn't be in the business.

The reality is - You are the expert. You have information your prospect needs. And there is no real reason why you cannot use the skyscraper technique to boost your business.

As with anything above average, you have to put in the time and effort to get results (or pay someone to do it for you).

If you are successful and driven, completing this marketing technique will be a breeze. You will understand the strategy, plan each step and get it done. And then you will see the barriers open to release a wave of traffic followed by a constant stream from the SEO effect.

To see how this Skyscraper Technique is acheived with indepth examples and info go to and read this article - Content Strategy Case Study: 36,282 Readers + 1,000 Email Subscribers

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