Wednesday, 25 November 2015

5 YouTube Description Hacks to Improved SEO Results

It's often neglected. Maybe you'll see a link or two. But this area is very powerful. It will bump the video up the list of results. So why do so many vloggers leave the description box sparse?

5 Ways to Hack the YouTube Description Box for Better Rankings

Is it the time it takes to fill it in, or the thought power needed to do the task, or simply because they do not know how best to fill it in and how powerful the description box can be?

If you want improved search engine results for your video to get more people viewing it then, you have to take advantage of the description box... because YouTube and Google value its content.

You can easily hack the description box without wasting time and getting it wrong by following a few steps. And for every future video upload you'll have a checklist to make sure you master it.

On ReelSEO, a dedicated video optimisation and marketing company, you will find 5 Ways to Hack the YouTube Description Box for Better Rankings.

They'll explain why the description box is so important and how best to fill it in. Plus they'll give you a checklist to follow. So head over there now to improve your YouTube SEO.

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